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Anonymous: Not really a question or confession or anything, just a thought, but... I think it'd be cool if you guys accepted submissions where people tell you about them and what they're like and stuff. It'd be a cool way to get to know each other better.

That is a lovely idea! Please do not hesitate to submit something along these lines. We are open to all submissions, whether they be confessions or not. Please feel free to tell us about yourselves! 

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I wish HeR would go back to the book menus, then followed by the desk! They’re so Nancy! Plus, I think the new interface is quite bland.”

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I’ve been reading The Hidden Staircase the week of Halloween since I was 11 in 2003. This October will be the 10th time.”

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I wish people would give SCK more credit- it’s obviously very flawed, but for their first Nancy drew game, I think it’s great!”

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I was completely surprised on how well SPY was! The characters were great, background and graphics were amazing, the puzzles fit perfectly, and…I can’t say anymore, but this is my all-time favorite Nancy Drew game now! Best yet.”

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I feel like secret of the old clock is so underrated in the clue crew.”

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Anonymous: Are there any ways to make creating ND games Mac compatible? I don't have access to a PC ):

First off, so sorry for the late reply!

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way to make them MAC compatible. I know that some of the newer ones can work on MACs, but the older ones will not. It just depends on what game you’re wanting to play. I know that from “Trail of the Twister” and newer should work. I am unsure about anything older than that.

Hope this helps!

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We’re still here!

And we will start up confessions again here soon.

You guys are the best for putting up with our flakiness. 

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just some gold i found from @actual_sonny ‘s twitter

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