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Ship for a ship.

Which ND character do you ship us with? You can ship someone with me or Carolina or both!
In your ask, describe yourself and I’ll ship you with someone in return.

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Ned’s texts are always the best. Cheesiest, but best. 

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exploring nancy’s world

the carousel
the haunted carousel

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You have been cordially invited,
To remain a guest at Thornton Hall
If you’d stay we’d be delighted
Come and live inside the walls

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I like you. Let’s shake the dust of this small-time tomb off our boots and see the world together.
—Dylan - Tomb of the Lost Queen (via kokokringlesandsonnyjoon)
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labyrinth of lies + characters

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"We chose to put on a Greek tragedy,
but when your parents die young, it’s Dickens or nothing.” 

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favourite nancy drew ships: frances humber and dirk valentine

Dirk Valentine, an outlaw from the 1880s, was romantically involved with the sheriff’s daughter, Frances Humber, who lived at Shadow Ranch. Dirk was arrested and eventually hanged.

inspired by (x)

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Anonymous: So two people run this account? How does that work?

Abigail here.
Yep! This account is co-owned. I started it a while ago and when I told Carolina about it she wanted onboard immediately. So I invited her to be an admin of the blog along with me.
I couldn’t successfully run this blog without her and am glad we can share this.
Hope that answers your question. xoxo

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Real-Life Nancy Drew Locations

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Abigail has officially finished LIE!

So we can freely discuss it now!

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Anonymous: Have you tried the gameboomers walkthrough for LIE?

I haven’t. I haven’t looked at any walk throughs yet. I probably should because I’ve hit a wall.

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Alright guys.

I am so stuck here on LIE and Carolina is MIA.
Does anyone mind helpin’ a sleuth out?

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