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Anonymous: why did your pages go down from 80 something to 54? are you deleting confessions or something

Absolutely not! There are just more confessions per page now. :)

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in the head of: bess marvin

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I wish we had been left just wondering about Sonny Joon. Meeting him personally ruined the moments we’ve been able to experience over the years, finding his doodles, and being surprised every time a trace of him showed up. He was a mystery.”

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I hope we never see Nancy. I have such a specific image in my head of how she looks, I would be disappointed with anything that HER came up with for her. She should always remain a mystery, and I hope they don’t try to show her for “ratings” and to sell more games.”

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There was a time in the series around Bluemoon Canyon, Danger By Design, Shadow Ranch, etc., where the games were just perfect. The new games irk me, the oldest ones are a little too choppy. I wish they would make the games like the did right in the middle.”

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GTH is my favorite ND game. You can tell the creators put in tons of effort because the details, ranging from graphics to plot, really show. Even the subplots that don’t get “resolved” add to the entire atmosphere and the richness of the game.”

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We’d love some LIE confessions right about now! 

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the cover art of Labyrinth of Lies
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I refuse to play SCK2 ever again; Detective Beech scared me so much through the whole game and the ending was just too much for me! I’ve only played it once, and it was my first, and last time doing so!”

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I hate when people call it “HeR Interactive.” Just because their logo is stylized that way doesn’t mean that’s what the actual company is called. I have never seen them refer to themselves as anything other than “Her Interactive”.”

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I used to play Nancy Drew games with my best friend. A year ago she moved to another city and now some of these games feel bittersweet to me.”

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I’m still mad at HeR, because they didn’t finish Ship of Shadows. I adored Dossier series!”

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I don’t find any “scary” Nancy Drew game scary at all. The only time when I jumped on my chair a little was the moment with a mirror in SAW.”

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I’m really put off by DED, the plot and environment just don’t appeal to me at all. It seems to be such a fan favorite, but I kind of cringe whenever I see something about it… it just seems so not Nancy Drew. I dislike TMB, TOT, ASH, RAN, CLK, but DED is the only one people seem to really like that I just don’t care about.”

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I can’t stand Francy. It feels so forced and like Frank’s character has been warped from the blue HB hardbacks. It’s just unbelievable.”

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